006 Trailers & Promos

by Various

Trailers & Promos (Thermal006)

Powerful orchestral and hybrid themes with cinematic sound design.

Downloads below MP3, 48K Wav Files, Main, 30 and 60 versions including licensing information.

STEMS Available

  • 2:27
    R Bishop / Epic track with triumphant brass swells, heavy percussion and sound design elements.
  • 3:22
    P Leonidou / Dark, post apocolyptic hybrid cue with arpeggiated synths and strings. Starts at 123bpm gradually growing in intensity and tempo at 1m43s to a climactic ending at 132bpm.
  • 2:47
    M Verney, BJohn / Etherial choirs, big synth hybrid trailer track with guitars, piano and intricate percussion.
  • 1:51
    R Cortina / Intense track with big synths, heavy guitars, sci-fi sound design & lots of builds and drops
  • 1:39
    T Pritchard, J Chopra / Heavy percussion track with builds and impacts, sound design, taiko and sci-fi elements.
  • 2:34
    G G Davies / Dark, hybrid cue with heavy percussion slowly builds with ghostly sound design.
  • 3:01
    J Wildridge / Powerful orchestral track with epic percussion, brass and synths leading to a warped and edgy ending.
  • 2:45
    A Hetherington / Hybrid track with big synths, edgy sound design lots of builds and drops. Rhythmical change at 2m27s to climactic build.
  • 2:52
    V Silva, C Wyles / Hybrid synth and orchestral track with choir and powerful percussive elements
  • 1:54
    S Sprenger / Tense orchestral track with epic percussion, brass swells and impacts. Builds in intensity.